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Write On!
Handwriting Analysis
 A sampling from more than 300 published articles 

 Debbie Jenae
Master Certified Graphoanalyst
Graphoanalyst of the Year 2015


This writer's curiosity is a strong asset.

Dear Debbie,

Does my handwriting reveal what type of job I’d be well suited for or (and) happy in?

Celebrating the survivor

Adult survivors of child abuse have skills to redirect in positive ways.

Dear Reader,

When we think of child abuse, we often think of child victims but there is an estimated 40 million adult survivors of child abuse in the United States today. Yet, as an underreported crime, we know this estimate is low.

Cursive and Print

This young writer asks why she mixes cursive with print.

Dear Write On!

Why is it that sometimes when I write in cursive I don’t fully write in cursive? I use both cursive and print. I especially notice it in r’s and z’s as in dizzy, crazy, burr, warm, storm, and zero.

-Just Wondering, age 13

Five years later

2 samples of writing, 5 years apart. How has this writer changed?

Dear Debbie,

I notice my writing has changed somewhat over the past ten years as I have made major changes in my life. Any comments?

Imagine that!

An active imagination keeps this writer on a road of discovery.

Hi Debbie, husband was trained by the Air Force... to interpret handwriting. Every time I gave him a sample of a friends handwriting, his assesment was amazingly accurate. I was wondering if you could interperet my handwriting…

Look into your I's

Journal writer wonders about her "different ways of writing."

Dear Debbie,

…I’ve been writing a journal ever since I was fourteen. I recently look back realizing i have different ways of writing whenever I write… -M

Picky Printer

This writer prefers to print, but look closely and you will see a combination.

Hi Debbie,

First of all, I prefer printing. It seems like my writing looks neater and more understandable in print, rather than cursive. Plus I feel like I can write faster in print… Not sure if this makes a difference, but I’m super picky about my pens.

Success in Handwriting?

Writer dreams of financial wealth, but may be richer than he thought.

Dear Debbie,

Is it true that one’s handwriting tells more of becoming successful?...

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