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Looking into your Is for article.png

Journaling is an excellent way to process thoughts, feel-ings, and ideas. As you look back through the pages of your journal you might notice changes in style, shape and size or in the overall appearance. Entries may also range..

Journal writer wonders about her "different ways of writing."

Looking into your I's


Handwriting analysis cannot predict a person’s success, but qualities can be identified that drive successful action or stop it in its tracks. For example, a writer with strong determination, confidence, and persistence is bound...

Writer dreams of financial wealth, but may be richer than he thought.

Success seen in handwriting?

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It seems the world is your classroom because you are interested in everything! Not only are you curious and analytical, you also like to hear what others are thinking and why they think the way they do. Open to learn and...

An active imagination keeps this writer on a road of discovery.

Imagine that!


...Your writing shows a highly curious and skeptical nature. You don’t accept much at face value, but rather tend to sort through information yourself and draw your own conclusions. This discerning quality may be... 

This writer prefers to print, but look closely and you will see a combination.

Picky Printer

Five years ago.jpg

Generally speaking, five years ago you were less sure of yourself. Will power was low (very light t-bars), and likely a result of doubting your own abilities and questioning your accomplishments. Note the letter t in the words...

2 samples of writing, 5 years apart. How has this writer changed?

Five Years Later

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By printing the letter z, rather than writing it out in cursive, you are eliminating strokes that you feel are not necessary. It’s likely that you are eliminating the unnecessary in your daily life as well. For example...

This young writer asks why she mixes cursive with print.

Cursive and Print

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A vocational analysis requires a thorough study of a large sample of writing, but enough can be found in your sample to provide some clues. The most noticeable trait is your analytical nature revealed...

This writer's curiosity is a strong asset.

Wondering about a Career

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“Mary” experienced unimaginable abuse by those closest to her, some of which continued into her 30s. She has had extensive medical issues as a result, and yet is one of the most positive, playful, and creative... 

Adult survivors of child abuse have skills to redirect in positive ways.

Celebrating the Survivor

Debbie Jenae

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Importance of Learning to

Write by Hand


Exercise for the Brain

They call it brainwriting.


I call them life lines because of how much they can reveal about your life experience. To an analyst, the way you turn a pencil, the pressure you place on the pen, the space you fill on the page all reveal certain aspects of your personality. Is your writing large or small, legible or not, rounded or angular, printed or in cursive? To the trained eye, your handwriting reveals characteristics that make you unique. Every mark on a page means something to an analyst but only after careful study can a true personality portrait of the writer emerge. 


Handwriting analysis can identify strengths and challenges that affect a relationship in positive and negative ways. Most importantly, it can lead to a better understanding of human behavior.


Graphology is catalogued as the study of handwriting in the Library of Congress under Psychology.


Graphoanalysis® is a specific method of handwriting analysis.


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