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From holding back to soaring

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Along with the change of seasons I thought I would bring a change in perspective. This edition includes a handwriting analysis of a writer who feels stuck. Sometimes, all we need is a shift to see more clearly, realize more options, and direct our energy in a more fulfilling way.

Dear Debbie,

Dear Reader,

Thanks for the opportunity to address a specific question and for sending a sample from your private writings. Journaling is a wonderful tool for going within to obtain insight and answers. By journaling I refer to writing freely, without editing, every thought that comes to mind — a stream of consciousness writing that starts with a specific issue or query. You may have already discovered the surprising “places” it can take you. So back to your question…

Your handwriting reveals a range of goals, from immediate to more distant. These higher or long-range goals (shown by t-bars placed higher up the stem) will take more effort and focus to achieve but having the will power to set them suggests some confidence in your ability to attain them. You are also organized, imaginative, and enthusiastic — all contributors to the positive energy that’s trying to propel you forward.

So what is holding you back? Loyalty, closed-mindedness, and indecisiveness are having an effect.

Loyalty (small round i-dots) is having faith in what you believe. It’s about trust. Some of the i-dots in your writing are very light revealing hesitation and perhaps a lack of conviction. 

Several of your circle letters are closed and narrow. You may be limiting your view and range of experience by not being more open to the many ways the path can unfold. 

Difficulty in making decisions (fading strokes on word endings) can often result from a fear of being final. What if you’re wrong? Curiosity and analytical skills can certainly be an asset but when caught in a negative “what if” cycle, they can keep you questioning every pending action. Look before you leap is sound advice but too much looking can lead to no leaping and leave you on the ledge.

Assuming you’re ready to step forward, consider this: What if it’s great?!

Imagine a young bird perched to take its first flight. Its wings are well developed. Muscles are strong. In that moment, does it hesitate? 

It’s more than likely that your goal would not be yours if you didn’t already have what it takes to make it happen. And part of making it happen is taking each of the steps along the way. Increase your loyalty by having more faith in your abilities. Start by acknowledging previous successes. Change the fear of being wrong to the delightful possibility of being right. Even if something about it goes in an unexpected direction, you are far more likely to enjoy the moments if you are doing what feels right and true for you. And in doing what truly feels right the fear will have faded, you’ll find yourself soaring, and you won’t remember having stepped from the branch. 

Good luck and thanks for writing! 

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