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International Peace Day and a peace project on the Border

Peace is always possible and always present. We just need to choose.

United Nations International Day of Peace Wednesday September 21 an Annual event

Minute of Silence 12 Noon • Every Time Zone

Join with others to create a wave of peace across the planet! Suggestion: At 12 noon, stop what you're doing. Take a few deep breaths to settle yourself. Imagine sending out the most loving, peaceful, harmonious vibrations across the planet. You can start with those close to you, those in your world. Imagine them at peace. Imagine them surrounded with loving light. Extend those thoughts to anyone, everyone for one glorious minute. Take it a step further and imagine people around the world releasing any negative limiting habits and choosing peaceful interactions and creating kindness opportunities. Actually see people in joy, love, health, and abundance. The increase in well-being through positive thinking and visualization is backed by science. It's not wishful thinking and it's not magic, but it does reflect our best wishes and it most certainly can be magical.


Consider this practice every day. Morning, noon, or night.


After the minute of silence, take action! A few suggestions: Make a donation, sign up to volunteer, praise a friend or coworker for something you appreciate about them, raise a peace flag, plant a peace garden, smile at strangers, sign a peace-related petition (see below), start a peace related activity for yourself, in your family, with friends, in your community... Don't forget to take care of yourself. The more peaceful you feel, the more you radiate that energy into all your interactions. The Peace Alliance created a petition for a cabinet-level Department of Peace-building. Read more about it in my last newsletter. There is so much we can do. It only takes a minute!