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Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Someone lose a shoe?

Yep, that red spot on the left of this image is one giant red high-heeled shoe. It’s located on Highway 101 near Ventura, California. According to Siteline Santa Barbara, Dennis Pozzebon, saw the shoe by the side of a road and after a couple of days decided to do something about it. Dennis spray-painted the shoe, which is made of foam, and installed it on the land where he farms—the spot in the image. “It’s just for giggles,” said Dennis’ son Anthony. And to this writer, it’s further proof that people are generous and kind and make good things happen all the time.

The Foot Connection

Did you know there are healing benefits to walking barefoot on the Earth? Our planet contains a subtle kind of energy present in the ground. When we walk barefoot on the ground, we connect to this electrical charge and feel more grounded. Yes, that’s where the term comes from. More recently there’s been an earthing movement promoting the health benefits of connecting to the Earth. And it’s so easy to do! Some benefits: decrease levels of inflammation and pain, reduce stress, and improve circulation. It also just feels really good to go barefoot on cool grass, warm sand, or in sparkling water. It’s all about the energy connection, and not only does it feel good, it’s good for you! Curious? Click the following two links to learn more or do your own search on earthing and grounding.

Image from Pixabay

Speaking of movement

3 out of 4

of all adults favor adding the ERA to the Constitution

The Equal Rights Amendment is on the move and Sign4ERA is on a mission to see it passed. They are “a grassroots movement dedicated to gathering petition signers for the purpose of presenting them to the U.S. Congress and demanding that they take immediate action to certify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the United States.” So, if you haven't signed a petition in support of the ERA, or even if you have, you might also want to sign this one. The link takes you to their site where you can learn more.

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