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Be An Inspiration! - the book and presentations

A beautiful and thoughtful book, and one that I will share with my colleagues. A wonderful idea and helpful resource for victims of abuse and those who want to help them.

Deanne Tilton Durfee, Doc.hc
Executive Director, ICAN

Inter-Agency Council on Chld Abuse and Neglect


A helpful and positive way to frame self-care and advocacy for those touched by the effects of child abuse, be they survivors or loved ones.  



It's a really important message, written in a soulful style, combined with great information and resources.

Jim Barnes, Editor, Independent 


A wonderfully encouraging book that speaks simply and positively to heal, enrich, and transform. Filled with thoughtful and practical tips for the caregiver, the survivor, the friend. 

Marilyn Van Derbur, Award-winning author and motivational speaker


Thank you Debbie so much for your courage to write this book. You have and will help so many of us who have been healing from our childhood abuse. You are a blessing!!!

Susan, California


I recently had the good fortune to attend a talk given by Debbie Jenae, a gifted speaker, who has written a remarkable book entitled Be An Inspiration! 101 Things You Can Do To Prevent Child Abuse. The book provides a gentle yet powerful message. Ms. Jenae introduces the topic of child abuse – a subject which, undoubtedly, most would prefer not to think about, and immediately puts her audience at ease with her focus on positive, practical actions that can be taken every day to make an enormous difference in the lives of countless children. Her book is a remarkable achievement; her talk is an inspiration – as is she. 

Frank Bognar, California


Wow! Powerful and full of love and guidance! The resource lists are so extensive and accessible! Debbie is a beacon of hope for people who are seeking healing. She offers guidance through her professional and personal experience. She has thoroughly researched sources for aiding those in need and shares this information with caring generosity.

Carol Lego, Physical Therapist


Anyone can pick up this book and get something out of it - exquisite! A book that is long overdue! Thoughtful, delightful, inspiring, charming, realistic. The resources are outstanding!

Anne-Sophie Hug, California


I completely enjoyed the book and found it to be written in a very easy helpful format. Anyone who reads this book will find a way to share with others, which is the whole purpose. Help others help themselves.

Mary Blegen, Minnesota

EVP & Director of Employee Engagement & Leadership Development, U.S. Bank


Be An Inspiration! has special meaning to me because we added three grandchildren in the last three years. I already like your first item: stop what I am doing and look them in the eye when they come to talk. I am usually working on something and answer their questions as I continue focusing on what I am doing. I am an old retiree, and I need to remember that I have the rest of my life to complete my projects, but they will only be my little babies for such a short time. Your book is an invaluable aid because we only get one chance at this. Me ke aloha pumehana.

Larry, Hawaii 

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