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Graphoanalysis — Graphology —Handwriting Analysis

Graphoanalyst of the Year 2015

Debbie Jenae

International Graphoanalysis Society


Member since 1980

Your presentation was a HUGE hit – I am still hearing about it from staff.                 -Lois Craig 



Graphoanalysis® is the scientific method of determining character and personality from the study of handwriting. Graphology is the generic term for such systems of study.


Handwriting samples are examined to identify traits in the writing. The frequency of their appearance and the quality of the stroke can indicate the strength of those traits, while evaluation will determine their influence on the personality.


Whether for self-assessment or to learn more about others, handwriting analysis provides an opportunity to understand. This awareness can lead to more productive and fulfilling relationships both personally and professionally.


I have analyzed people from all walks of life over the years, many have written to my columns. Click here for a selection from my more than 300 published articles. There may be some insight for you too!

Your handwriting has no exact match on the planet!

Handwriting analysis cannot reveal age, gender, or ethnicity.

Understanding leads to cooperation, compassion and harmony.

Like brush strokes 

across a canvas,

the marks you leave

on the page create a

unique personality portrait.

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