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Be Safe – Safety Planning Resources


If you recognize that your situation is or could become dangerous to you or your children, you need a plan when circumstances change. It may be scary to think about because a plan suggests the situation is more real, but creating a plan now, when you don't need it, will help you feel more confident. In an emergency, you'll be very glad you did. Whether you are in a dangerous situation, planning to leave, or are already out, the links below will help you take steps to feel safer. To find more, use safety planning in your internet search.


Recent photos: If you have reason to believe that someone in your life might threaten your safety or that of your child, having these images available will help law enforcement should that person need to be located or identified.

  • their car with license plate number clearly visible 

  • recent photos of people involved

Note: The following sites may contain some of the same information as the other sites listed. Check them out and pick one that's right for you! I've included the full links in case their pages move. You can still access the main site to locate pages or find contact info.

Domestic Violence Resource Center

Offers safety tips for a variety of circumstances and a checklist of what to take when you leave

California Courts

Lots of info about making a safety plan, including restraining orders prepared by

the Judicial Council of California, and links to other California and national

organizations with even more.

The above link takes you directly to the Make A Safety Plan page. It's located on under the Self-Help tab, Abuse & Harassment. Check it out,

there's a lot more info that may help in your situation.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

All about creating a safety plan, including tech & social media safety, different types of planning, and some legal info.

The link below goes to a printable, 2-sided brochure in pdf form with a short checklist and and other tips.


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