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Surviving child abuse isn't easy but, since you're reading this, you did survive and, although you may not realize it, you have developed some amazing skills along the way. These skills may need recognition and redirection to help you live the inspired life you long for and so deserve. 


I, too, am a survivor and, if there's one thing I've learned that I think will make an extraordinary difference in your life, it is this statement:


You are so much more than you realize!

So celebrate you because, when you are ready, that is what you need to move forward.


Ready for a new and empowering perspective? Visit my Inspiration and Perspective pages for a dose of wow!, so you, too, can find a reason to celebrate. Isn't it time?


Check the selection of handwriting analysis columns included here. They may bring insight and inspiration to your situation.


There is a time for victims of abuse to remember, process, and reconcile the harmful experiences they have endured. On that point, I cannot say enough about good counseling. But, I also see survivors that feel stuck, unable to forge ahead from paralyzing, self-sabotaging patterns. As I see it, the time comes when you have to shift from the pain, the damage, and the harmful memories to recognizing and accepting the positive skills learned along the way and the notion that you are worth celebrating. So I'm sharing some ideas to help you move forward. But, first, know that you may slip and stumble now and then. That's okay. It shows you're moving. The goal is to spend less time slipping back and more time dancing on your path!   =) 


Like what you read or have a comment or question? I would love to hear from you! Visit my contact page. 

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