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Speaker Topics

"Motivational, inspirational, empowering"

Child Abuse Prevention, 

Advocacy, Recovery


Be An Inspiration!

A new and uplifting perspective 

based on 101 Things You Can Do To Prevent Child Abuse

Wounded to Wow

My Survivor to Advocate Story with tips and exercises

Celebrate Your Spirit

A program that incorporates it all to empower survivors to recognize their value and potential

Handwriting Analysis for Human Behavior and Potential

Write On! Handwriting Analysis Entertaining and insightful, provides a new slant on strengths and challenges



For students, teachers, or parents from early writing history to personality


Motivating, rewarding, insightful, and entertaining for administration and staff

On Writing


Use your words!

• Pen to Publishing - the process of writing from idea to manuscript to book

• Magic of Journaling - to document, remember, process, and to gain insight


'Talk Story' 

— a Hawaiian phrase for a casual discussion.

Book a Talk Story event on any of Debbie's projects. 


Motivating, Informative, Useful, WOW!


Advocates, social workers, survivors of abuse, parents, caregivers, employers, staff, educators, students

"Powerful insight and inspiration"

Debbie Jenae has a unique approach to understanding and self-expression. 

Her work is influenced by:

  • Seven years as a court-appointed special advocate representing abused and neglected children in the judicial process

  • Personal experience and study in trauma and healing

  • More than 40 years in the field of handwriting analysis (IGAS Master Certified)

  • Continuing interest in mind-body healing, metaphysics, Native American and Hawaiian spirituality​, acupressure - because they were all integral to her healing

Customize and combine!

Let's create a program to WOW your audience!

Seminar • Workshop • Keynote

Panel Discussion • Consulting

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