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Uplifting pieces can be found throughout my site, but to make your search a whole lot easier, I've included a summary of the pages that fall under the Inspired! tab as well as direct links to resources you'll find under other tabs.

Resource Links - A wide range of resources, many of them are included in the book, Be An Inspiration!

Celebrate! - Your voice, your spirit; celebrate your survival. This section is primarily for the survivor of child abuse, to give you ideas, practical tips, and a vehicle to help you remember your magnificence.

Books / Videos - Books and videos that I have found inspiring, insightful, and informational. Also a link to my YouTube channel where you will find my creations.

Survivors Inspiring Survivors - A sharing project for my children's book, If Roses Were Blue, for ages 8 and above.

Be Safe - About safety planning. An important read if you or someone you know is in a potentially dangerous situation.

Quotes to Inspire - A collection of some of my favorites.


Handwriting analysis articles - I've published over 300 articles through my Write On! and Handwriting@Work columns, all with the intention of encouraging and inspiring through reader's questions or general topics. Here you'll find a selection of those.

Inspired 101 Blog - Monthly inspiration, often a highlight from Inspired 101 News, monthly newsletter.

Inspired 101 News - Monthly newsletter offering something to think about, to make you smile, or a call to action. This link takes you to a page where you can view recent articles and subscribe! Note, you can also access at the bottom of most site pages.