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Survivors Inspiring Survivors

In January 2019, I began circulating special copies of my latest book, If Roses Were Blue to start a grassroots sharing of its positive messages to inspire more survivors of child abuse. I believe that things arrive in our lives when we need it most. I also know that child abuse survivors are a silent bunch, but the power and magic in sharing our experience and the lessons we've learned is critical to healing. And if there is one concept worth sharing, it is that we truly are worthy of all good things, regardless of what happened to us.


If you are in possession of one of these circulating books, I hope that you will read it right away and immediately share it with another individual who will do the same. Click here to see the instructions that were left in each circulating book. Contact me with any questions or comments including shipping/reimbursement. 


Imagine the delight in receiving this book, reading it and all of its accumulated positive messages from other survivors, and being able to pass it on to inspire someone else!  


When we empower survivors, we empower the world.

Let's see how many survivors we can inspire in one year! 


After you have read the book, add a comment below (or contact me directly) to identify only your city, state, province, country, and I will update the map with a pin from your comment. If you want, you can include your first name or initials and an encouraging word or two, but I thought it would be fun to watch where the books travel across the US and beyond! 


Thank you!