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Write On! Handwriting Analysis

A sampling from more than 300 columns

Five years later

Dear Debbie,

I notice my writing has changed somewhat over the past ten years as I have made major changes in my life. Any comments?

Looking into your Is for article.png

Dear Reader,

It’s always interesting to study writings over the years. Your current writing (bottom) has many similarities and some differences compared to five years ago (top). Here are some highlights.

Generally speaking, five years ago you were less sure of yourself. Will power was low (very light t-bars), and likely a result of doubting your own abilities and questioning your accomplishments. Note the letter t in the words “the” and “night” in the top line. The final stroke in the t-stem stops short of the baseline with a fading stroke. This reveals somewhat of a struggle between bringing ideas from the creation point, or the abstract, into reality. This uncertainty is also evident in the small letter d. The occasional inflated loops that appear in these two letters reveal a fear of disapproval that may have prevented you from doing what you wanted to do.

In the more recent writing sample, your t-crossings are generally much stronger. Note the two t’s in the word “intent.” Both t-bars are crossed forcefully and end strong. There is still some variety to your t-bars revealing more energy behind particular goals rather than every goal you set. And the sensitivity to criticism you once felt about your work, now centers more on your personal expression. You are very direct, not particularly talkative in personal matters, and want to get things done.

You are still exploring the philosophical and spiritual realm but perhaps with more certainty. This search is also more personal rather than goal-driven or work related. Over the years, your devotion to your beliefs and to those you trust and hold dear has grown. Increased confidence can have this effect, giving you the vision to know what is important to you and the courage to respond to that knowledge.

The most obvious stroke combination in the writing of both samples is the very large lower loops. Loops indicate imagination and lower loops involve material and practical matters. You need variety in your life – and lots of it, including physical activity. Often you find you’ve gotten involved in far too many things for one person to handle effectively – another product of that very active material imagination.

The Greek E structures in both samples reveal your continued interest in literary and cultural areas. Your quick thinking and curious mind could enable you to be an avid reader when you have the time but those lower loops suggest an appreciation of things. You might be a collector of books or art objects, but I’m guessing you have an attic full of a wide assortment of treasures.

Thanks for writing!

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