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We celebrate events like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and milestones, but how often do we take the time to celebrate the little things? Those extra minutes of exercise, that moment you stood up for yourself, the clutter you cleared, the commitment you just made, the promise you kept when challenged, the study material you finished, that five minutes of mindfulness? Sometimes we get so focused on the big picture that we only see the distance and don’t realize the seeds we’ve planted, the kindness we’ve shown, the bridges we’ve crossed.

Celebrate your journey. It may not have gone as intended but your perseverance, resourcefulness, creativity, determination, and hopefulness brought you here. Celebrate the qualities that made this possible and, now that you’re here, celebrate this moment for it is filled with possibility just waiting for your direction. Celebrate your future—the one you see or have a distant sense of knowing that you are meant to live. Celebrate your living. Celebrate you.

When we acknowledge even the little miracles, we create the opportunity for more within a spirit of gratitude. So, throw a party, do a little happy dance, or simply mark the moment with mindful, inner-whelming, heart-warming appreciation. A balloon, a cupcake, or some confetti are also a nice touch =)

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