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Celebrate Sisters in Spirit

8 ways to celebrate women and girls every day

Actively show your SUPPORT with words and behavior that say 'you matter.

EMPOWER with messages of inspiration and encouragement.

LISTEN to their ideas, wishes, and opinions.

STAND UP for those who are being disrespected.

GET INVOLVED in programs, activities, events that empower.

BE AUTHENTIC by sharing your gifts with compassion and joy.

HONOR your experience, wisdom, and magnificence through word and action.

ADVOCATE: sign petitions, join committees, run for office, donate, vote...

Equality in Action

We can all be more aware of our social footprint—the marks we leave on our world—by making responsible, supportive, and empowering choices that honor everyone.

  • Language—the words we use and those we don’t.

  • Media—programs we watch, music we listen to, and social media activity we support.

  • Behavior—the way we treat others, the respect and appreciation we show, our engagement in the world around us.

Excerpt from my upcoming book: 101 Ways to WOW! our World

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