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Best Day Ever! reminds us to start our day looking forward instead of back at the disappointments of the past. Here is an excerpt: "...Why not? The day is still fresh, so let's send out the most positive vibes we can muster as a beacon for us to follow." Read full text!


I designed the Inspiration Mugs and included Inspirations because life is not a sound byte. Sometimes we need all the words to remind us of our power to manifest. 


Inspiration Mugs is a unique series created by award-winning author Debbie Jenae. The image reflects an empowering message from a mini pep talk included with each hand signed mug. Gift one to someone special or let that someone special be you! Fill yours with a hot or cold beverage, small plant, or your favorite pens or brushes. There's a smile in every cup!

Best Day Ever!

  • Ceramic, 11 oz, yellow interior and handle
    Microwave and dishwasher safe

    Mini pep talk included
    Hand signed

    Manufactured in China, printed in the U.S.

    Supplies are limited!

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