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The new Queen mug has been recolored with extra bling! Same image on both sides. Note in the images: there are 3 versions of the new Queen mug for comparison: blue crystals, white crystals, and the original blue image. This item refers to new Queen image with 5 blue crystals, and there are only 7 of these mugs left.


It's Good to be Queen is more than a catchy phrase. Read the full text to the inspiration (available on the right) to learn why. Here is an excerpt: "You have the pleasure of being alive at this time, a duty to be the very best you can be, and an expectation to be treated with the same high regard you bestow on others... The success of your reign depends on your acceptance of the Crown..."


European crystals have been added to the Queen mug, a detail Her Majesty will appreciate! Gift one to someone special or let that someone special be you! Fill yours with a hot or cold beverage, small plant, or your favorite pens or brushes. There's a smile in every cup! 


Inspiration Mugs is a unique series created by award-winning author Debbie Jenae. The design image reflects an empowering message from a mini-pep talk included with each hand signed mug. Also consider adding the Your Light, Your Life booklet to your purchase. It contains 10 of my best pep talks! All 7 Inspiration Mug images and inspirations are included in the booklet plus 3 more!


It's Good to be Queen - NEW - with blue bling!

  • Ceramic, 11 oz, White, with 5 blue crystals added
    Microwave safe
    Please hand wash only to preserve the integrity of the added European crystals. 

    Mini pep talk included
    Hand signed

    Manufactured in China, printed in the U.S.

    Supplies are limited!

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