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Inspiration Excerpt

"We use the word a lot... But sometimes love gets confused with pain. There are plenty of lyrics and movies about how love hurts, but, really, it doesn't. Sure it hurts to love someone who doesn't love us back but it's not love that's causing the pain; it's the absence of it." 


Inspiration Mugs is a unique series created by award-winning author Debbie Jenae. The image design* reflects an empowering message from a mini-pep talk included with each hand signed mug. Gift one to someone special or let that someone special be you! Fill yours with a hot or cold beverage, small plant, or your favorite pens or brushes. There's a smile in every cup! Also consider adding the Your Light, Your Life booklet to your purchase. It contains 10 of my best pep talks! All 7 Inspiration Mug images and inspirations are included in the booklet plus 3 more!


*Note: the heart tree image is used with permission from Pixabay and was created by Alexandra Koch.


Love is...

  • Ceramic, 11 oz, White
    Dishwasher and Microwave safe

    Mini pep talk included
    Hand signed

    Manufactured in China, printed in the U.S.

    Supplies are limited!

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