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Write On! Handwriting Analysis

Basic Graphoanalysis Services

Handwriting analysis can be used in business, law, mental health, education, and for personal insight.​


$  75. Personality Snapshot 

Brief description of the highlights of a writing sample (up to 1 page report)


$125. Personality Profile 

Brief description of writer’s most prominent personality characteristics (1-2 page report)


$250. General Graphoanalysis 

A more detailed study that describes emotional responses, fears, defenses, and other influential traits (Approx. 5 page report)



$175. Snapshot: A combination Personality Snapshot report for 2 persons 

(up to 2 page report).

$275. Profile: Based on a Personality Profile for 2 persons 

Discusses some strengths and challenges to the relationship

$475. General: General Graphoanalysis for 2 persons, as described above

Emphasis on the compatibility of the writers


Consultation per hour         $125.

Group presentations and other consultation services        

Call 805-688-9370 for a quote, or email me with some ideas and details.

Looking for something else? Reports and consultations may be tailored to your specific needs.


Prices subject to change without notice.

Contact Debbie to discuss the possibilities for your situation!

What they're saying...

What they're saying

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