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Write On! Handwriting Analysis

A sampling from more than 300 columns

Cursive and Print

Dear Write On!

Why is it that sometimes when I write in cursive I don’t fully write in cursive? I use both cursive and print. I especially notice it in r’s and z’s as in dizzy, crazy, burr, warm, storm, and zero.

-Just Wondering, age 13

Looking into your Is for article.png

Dear Wondering,

Mixing printed letters with cursive is quite common. The meaning depends on the letters and their individual strokes.

In this sample the letters r and z are reduced to simpler forms. By printing the letter z, rather than writing it out in cursive, you are eliminating strokes that you feel are not necessary. It’s likely that you are eliminating the unnecessary in your daily life as well. For example, when you ask someone a question, you would prefer an honest and specific answer rather than a long roundabout explanation. Or if you were going to build something, you may skip the instructions and go straight to the project.

Those same letters are often not attached to the surrounding letters. Breaks between letters in a word, such as the r in cursive, indicate an interruption in thought. Many breaks between letters indicate an intuitive ability. In other words, you trust that gut feeling and act on your instincts.

The second r in the word burr not only indicates intuitive ability but it is also a clear example of initiative – being a self-starter, taking action without being told. Rather than completing the r in the traditional way, you stopped at the bottom and moved sharply up and away from the previous stroke. Since all your r’s are not shaped in this fashion, it may be a developing quality. It certainly works well with your tendency to be more direct and to rely on your instincts because all of them involve quick thought and action.

By combining these developing traits, it seems you are learning to respond more quickly. You may notice that when an idea or opportunity comes your way, you take some kind of action and often by the most direct route.

It is also common to experiment with different letter shapes from time to time, especially near the high school level. Changes in your writing style reflect changes occurring within you.

Thanks for writing!

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