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Write On! Handwriting Analysis

A sampling from more than 300 columns

Imagine that!

Hi Debbie, husband was trained by the Air Force... to interpret handwriting. Every time I gave him a sample of a friends handwriting, his assesment was amazingly accurate. I was wondering if you could interperet my handwriting…

Looking into your Is for article.png

Dear Interested,

It seems the world is your classroom because you are interested in everything! Not only are you curious and analytical, you also like to hear what others are thinking and why they think the way they do. Open to learn and understand, you are an involved listener and yet you are not so easy to get to know. You may dodge personal questions or be intentionally vague until you feel better prepared or more comfortable in responding.

You have an objective eye colored by a vivid imagination. From the abstract to the practical, you have a keen ability to visualize what you want or how a project or idea might develop. Imagination (revealed in loops; the larger the more active) is a wonderful quality when put to positive use, and often you do, but it’s also found a challenging outlet. You have developed a sensitivity to personal (vs professional) criticism. This affects your sense of who you are rather than what you do. You might imagine rejection or insult when none was intended. This sensitivity often develops out of an environment of too much disapproval or criticism, either direct or implied. Too much tends to require that we put up a guard, read between the lines, second-guess ourselves and the intentions of others as a method of protection from further hurt. A way out of this over-protective cycle is to remember your worth, your value as a person regardless of experience or accomplishment. Although there were times that others have disapproved, and it may have been people whose opinions were very important to you, still it doesn’t change the fact that you have value, and that you are lovable and worthwhile. You know this but need reminding as you may be thinking of stepping out in a new direction, one which you’ve held in your heart for some time.

This may be a time of much exploration. The tangled lines (upper loops and lower loops crossing over each other) show how your varied interests may be affecting your ability to complete things. Like a hummingbird, you move from one flower to the next to see what it may have to offer. Your writing reveals a creative, playful, and imaginative person. I wonder which direction you’ll choose when enough questions have been answered and you’re ready to make a fresh start.

Good luck and Write On!

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