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Write On! Handwriting Analysis

A sampling from more than 300 columns

Look into your I's

Dear Debbie,

…I’ve been writing a journal ever since I was fourteen. I recently look back realizing i have different ways of writing whenever I write… -M

Looking into your Is for article.png

Dear M,

Journaling is an excellent way to process thoughts, feelings, and ideas. As you look back through the pages of your journal you might notice changes in style, shape, and size, or in the overall appearance. Entries may also range from very large or very small, be neat and precise, or downright sloppy and illegible. It all depends on how you felt at the time of writing.

Although you did not include samples of your “different ways of writing,” I noticed one letter made in several ways. The personal pronoun "I" appeared nine times on the page; six of them are shown here.

The first, second, fourth, and sixth “I” are written as a capital letter but barely extend beyond the height of the smaller letters revealing a lack of self-esteem. The third and fifth are written in lowercase indicating a tendency to devalue yourself, to minimize your worth. The sixth is the simplest in design. The straight, vertical line is a direct stroke with no attachments, suggesting a level of (perhaps developing) independence also revealed elsewhere in your writing.

The personal pronoun I is the one letter that refers specifically to the person who uses it and should stand out from the crowd, or in this case, the other letters. It should rise above the rest as you refer to yourself and no one else. Just think, there has never been anyone exactly like you nor will there ever be again. You are unique!

While the small capital I’s reveal your tendency to think less of yourself, the variety of I’s suggest a time of experimentation as you explore who you are, where you fit in, and the direction your life will take. Sometimes this can seem intimidating and overwhelming. But it can also be challenging and exciting as you find the path that’s right for you at this time – the I that you’ve become.

There are a number of other qualities that can be strengthened as you reach out beyond your comfort zone. A strong preference and appreciation for those things that appeal to the senses; such as color, texture, and flavor, suggest fulfillment in activities that include some of those elements. Imagination is evident but restricted as you remain close to what is familiar. Confidence will increase as you find satisfaction in doing what you enjoy and in doing it well.

Good luck and thanks for writing!

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