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Mindfulness one Cheerio® at a time

You know how impossible it is to eat one Cheerio at a time, right? Well, unless you're a toddler -- they are all about one at a time. But it illustrates my point about being mindful. Here's how it works, but first, a tip: No distractions.

Pick up just one of those little toasted O's. Notice its shape and size, how it feels between your fingers. Don't rush it. Just notice. Now pop that O into your mouth. Don't chew it right away. Notice how it feels on your tongue, how your saliva is activated, how the O changes as it's affected by the increase in moisture in your mouth. Now chew s-l-o-w-l-y. Notice the flavor, the texture. When you're ready, go ahead and swallow. Note the lingering taste. Aaahhh!

Now choose another O -- just one -- and repeat. If your attention wanders, no worries! Simply take a deep breath in (through your nose) and return your focus to the O.

That's it! Seems like no big deal but consider bringing this practice into your life in other ways. No doubt, you've experienced this serenity while painting, stretching, writing, walking, designing, creating, listening to your child's laughter, watching the sun slip below the horizon, appreciating the world around you. You get the drift. Let your mind fill with the wonders of the moment.


It helps us embrace the present without a preoccupation on the past or anxiety for the future. So naturally it would decrease stress and enable us to make better, healthier choices. It can also help us become more appreciative, respectful, and understanding. How? by viewing a behavior, an object, a concern, or something we don't understand with patience, acceptance, and an open mind. It's a place to start fresh and rejuvenated. Delightful!

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