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What's so bad about feeling good?

No, this isn't about the 60s movie with that title. It's a question for survivors. When you live for a time in an environment that is filled with hostility, criticism, and fear, you can become so entrenched in self-protection that you don't allow yourself to truly feel good. Your body can get used to that level of anxiety as well, making you feel uncomfortable with the calm, the silence, the lovingness. Do you dwell on the negative, the pain, and the loss because you are so used to feeling that way? "Story of my life," you might say when another disappointment arrives. Newsflash: That was then. This is now! It's still your life but now it's what you make of it. I know it may not be easy, depending on your history. It will take some conscious effort. But, for the purpose of this short pep talk, consider shaking off all that painful stuff of your life so far. Odds are it's not yours anyway. And start fresh. You're the only one who can do this. Don't carry their stuff (that of the ones who mistreated you) forward. It's not yours. The only thing bad about feeling good is the fear of and anticipation that you will simply end up being hurt again. That's old stuff based on what happened back then. Feeling good is... well, feeling good. And you deserve it. Allow more goodness to flow into your life while you still can. Imagine the possibilities!

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