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Handwriting and Happy New Year

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

These three simple words always bring an overwhelming wish for happiness. And every time I hear them I feel an excited anticipation for the opportunities this new year will bring. To be sure, it’s the same set of months coming around again in a man-made definition of time but with it comes a magical sense of renewal. As 2017 fades into the new year, we’ll take stock; some may be quick to move on, others will linger in the memory of events that have passed. Meanwhile the cycles, seasons, and rhythms will carry on regardless of our taking note. How do you approach the future? Do you expect good things to happen or does one year move to the next without significance? Perhaps you live in the moment. In reality, each year – each day for that matter – is overflowing with possibilities. Our perspective will be filtered by our beliefs and experiences. “You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.”

- Ziggy Too often we are reminded of the ‘thorns’ as our society, some belief systems, and the media tend to focus on what is wrong, missing, or perceived as dangerous rather than emphasizing and fostering the positive aspects of life. The scale is so heavy to one side that balance is difficult to attain. With so much negative input, we can forget that the thorns protect the rose without taking away the beauty or the fragrance that so many enjoy. Optimism and broadmindedness are two character traits that encourage a trusting belief in the positive potential of each new day and that everything we need is here and available to us now.

For broadmindedness, look particularly to the lowercase letter e. The more open and rounded this letter is, the more the writer is willing to consider new ideas, opinions, and approaches. Check other circle letters as well and see if they are squeezing out or expanding to receive. An open mind is willing to consider the benefits to difficulty and the lessons in the trial knowing that there is always more than one path to any destination.

Optimism is shown in lines of writing that slant upward. T-crossings and word finals may also reach up into the realm of possibility. An optimistic person believes in silver linings, sees their glass as half full, and knows there is a reason – a good reason – for everything that happens. A positive state of mind suggests hope and confidence in the end result regardless of the journey.

Carol Pearson, 20th century business consultant and writer said, “Focusing our attention – daily and hourly - not on what is wrong, but on what we love and value, allows us to participate in the birth of a better future, ushered in by the choices we make each and every day.”

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