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The world around YOU!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Walk out your front door (or back door) and step out onto the earth (barefoot, if you can) and open your arms out wide and say Thank You World! "Really?" you ask. "Yeah, really," she says. It's an interesting experience. Or try this...

Find a spot where you can physically connect with the earth: your backyard, neighborhood park, forest path, along the beach. Become aware of all the growing things within your field of vision—those you can see and those you cannot. From the winged creatures and insects to the plants, the grass, and their roots. Give thanks.

Think about it this way. Outside there is a hillside covered with trees, plant life and wild life from large to too small to be seen. And all of that is taking in nutrients, communicating with the world around each of them, and having some influence on the countless forms of life around them—all falling within your view or someone else's view. None of that activity is meant to impress you, to get you to buy a piece of it, or to coerce you in any way. It is all simply there as part of our world. It's there for you to appreciate. I wonder if any part of that view is looking back at you and saying, "Wow!"

In love and light, Debbie Jenae

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