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Joyful perspective

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

How to be in Joy All commercialism aside, there truly is so much to appreciate this time of year. The well-wishes, the holiday lights, the sharing, the smiles, the love. So if and when a grinch-like thought appears —it's all about the profit, they don't really care, I hate this time of year! — STOP. Let those thoughts drift on by, like a passing scent of evergreen. Because when we focus on those thoughts, we're putting way too much energy on what we disagree with, what we may not fully understand, or maybe a little of our unresolved issues. While we stomp down that dark road, we're missing the opportunities to feel that loving energy that's all around all the time. After all, the lights are for others to enjoy, the carols are meant to be heard, and there truly is more joy and kindness activity than you may be aware of, especially if you're walking in the dark. We can choose a different experience. We just need to stop, refocus, and remember.


It's not always about you... But your reaction and your response is always about you. ;-) For example, you're in a wonderful mood and encounter a rude person in the checkout line. That person doesn't know you. Their rudeness is not about you and you don't know what their day or their life has been like. It doesn't justify their behavior toward you, but then again, it's not about you. It's about them. Next time this happens, STOP and silently appreciate their goodness, which you may never see. This isn't even about your response to them but a shift in your consciousness. Imagine the light in them trying to shine through. After all, that light is also within you even on your worst day. Image source: Pixabay

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