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From "stuck at home" to Sacred Space

We've been hearing the phrase "stuck at home" more lately and it always makes me cringe a little. I know this is not true for everyone, but eventually home should be your respite, your safe place, "where your heart is." Home should be a sacred place (see below).

So I'm wondering, you know when you're on vacation and it takes a day or two to relax into it, where you are no longer thinking about work or routine? Have you reached that place where you accept the limits of this situation, are taking care to prevent the spread of the virus, and can now relax into this space and time and discover or revisit the things that bring you joy? Have you turned that corner? Have you found that space?

Sacred Space

Discover a favorite place in or around your home that feels special to you. Your favorite chair, corner of a room, on the grass under a tree, that bench in your garden, a rope swing, on the front porch at night. Maybe it's the way that space feels when the morning sun streams in the window or the view of the stars it gives you at night. Maybe it's not a visual thing but a feeling thing. It just feels special. Consider identifying this space. Whether you live alone, are part of a couple, or share space with many, consider looking around you with fresh eyes to find that space that is special to you. Freshen it up, toss some pillows into it, rearrange the elements of it and honor this space. It may be holding ideas just waiting for you to capture. There must be some place calling to you. 

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