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Join the Peace Wave September 21!

International Day of Peace Thursday, September 21 Join the PEACE WAVE — a minute of silence at 12 noon in all time zones. The Peace Wave and the International Day of Peace are brought to you by Pathways to Peace and the United Nations. Click the above image to learn more!

Imagine thoughts of peace, healing, transformation, harmony, and love being lifted for a full minute as noon arrives in every time zone creating a wave of loving energy that moves around the world. You know it makes a difference! =)

5 Ways to BE the Peace Peace is all about setting aside our swords and shields (overprotection and need to be right), releasing the guard (being prepared for any slight or disrespect—real or imagined), and letting our true selves sparkle with all our inner goodness while honoring that sparkle in others. Peace is a choice. In that light, here are 5 ways to make a peace wave on the International Day of Peace… and every day going forward.

  1. Be curious.

  2. Honor the spirit in others.

  3. Radiate respect.

  4. Model the behavior you want to see.

  5. Love more.

(These 5 ways are included in my upcoming book of 101 to be released soon. WOW!)

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