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Kindness: 5 easy everyday actions

World Kindness Day!

Imagine a world where rampant criticism is replaced with curiosity, where disrespect is rare and appreciation is abundant, where violent behavior in all its forms is so rare that if an incident occurs, it is quickly engulfed in a sea of kindness.

The cure is to flood our world with kindness, appreciation, understanding, and curiosity. It may seem too airy-fairy for some, but the more love we share, the more love we’ll see. It’s not magic (although it is kind of magical), it’s math!

I know you’re already kind, but it’s World Kindness Day (November 13) and it's the season, so let’s amp it up! It’s not about the result or reaction. It’s simply about being more kind, anyway, knowing it makes a difference.

5 simple kind every day actions


Smile at others, even people you don’t know, even those that seem unreceptive. Personal story: I remember working with a guy named Bob. He always had a scowl on his face, so I kept my distance and never said anything to him. But I knew what it was like to feel invisible, and feel that no one cares. I wondered if he felt the same. So one day, I decided to say hello. He was walking toward me in the hall on his way to his office. I saw the scowl, felt the weight of whatever was going on with him and in my most cheery voice and demeanor said, Good morning, Bob! To my surprise, his face lit into this beautiful smile, eyes sparkling, even his posture changed. Needless to say, we always greeted each other after that.


Greet strangers on your walk, in the market. Say Hello! Personal story: Being painfully shy as a child, it took a long time for me to feel confident enough to say hello to someone I didn’t know. I kept my head down or avoided looking at people when I passed them. One day, years later, I realized that other people may feel like I did. Now, almost always, I say hello, good morning, nice day for a walk, whatever, when I pass someone. Almost always, they have a similar response and those that do always seem to light up a little.


Extend a compliment: nice shoes, cute earrings, great smile. Notice something that you appreciate or brightens your day and mention it. No response necessary. Just move some chi! (another word for life energy, pronounced ‘chee,’ also spelled Qi)


Wave a driver through. Make room for them to merge in front of you. Be sure to respond with a wave to those that extend the same courtesy to you. Add a smile and double the chi!


Say thank you to the checker, the server, a family member, a coworker. A sincere thank you is always appreciated, even if the kind act was a long time ago.

It only takes a minute but the effect can last all day. Imagine more and more people consciously choosing to be more kind every day. I’m telling you, it’s the way to change the emotional climate in our world, one person, one kindness at a time. And it only takes one minute.

Are you with me?

Let’s do this!

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