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Kindness Unites Paper chain

Links of love and hope to unite the world!

Kids for Peace plans to set a new Guinness World Record by creating a 110+ mile inspirational paper-chain. They've been collecting links made of recycled/reused paper, each sharing a message of love and hope from around the world. As of October 2021, more than 500 schools committed to making paper chains in portions of a mile or more! And businesses, organizations, and individuals have been sending links their way. November 13, 2021—World Kindness Day—is their date to set a Guinness World Record.

Although a world record is pretty cool, here are just a few other benefits of this kindness project:

  • Each link maker joins with link makers across the world in this wish for peace and kindness.

  • Links have been created by families, in classrooms, schools, churches, businesses, organizations, among friends... sharing messages of kindness with others.

  • After November 13, 2021, portions of the chain will be distributed to hospitals, senior centers, libraries, schools, and more as a reminder that we are all linked by love.

  • Teaches by example that we are all in this together, each of us makes a difference all over the world.

  • Encourages communication, expression, art.

  • Increases kindness, compassion, creativity, understanding, fun, cooperation, joy, harmony, smiles, hope... peace.

Kids For Peace works to empower and mobilize youth to create peace through hands-on service, global friendships, and thoughtful acts of kindness. All you kids, big or small, raise your peace fingers...