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Oh the irony and the silver lining!

Eleven years ago, my partner and I were on our way to a hardware store to pick up material to fence in the back yard for a future kitten and puppy. Afterwards, we would attend our local Old Santa Ynez Day with some friends. We never made it to either location. About 20 minutes into our trip, three vehicles arrived at the same curve in the road at the same time. A distracted driver slammed into a car waiting to make a left turn, sending that vehicle on a collision course with us. He died a couple days later. We spent 4 days in the hospital. The distracted driver had minor injuries. Here's the ironic part. last Saturday, June 25, we went directly to Old Santa Ynez Day where I had a vendor booth filled with my Inspiration Mugs and books, all products created since the accident (except Be An Inspiration!, which is being revised for its 10th anniversary edition next year!). Actually, one of my books If Roses Were Blue was written many years ago, but the accident lit the fire under my intention =) and motivated me to put my work out there while I had the chance. There are a lot of lessons in this story. but without giving it too much thought and in no specific order:

  • Find the silver lining because life doesn't always go as planned. Besides, magic—as in the absolute delight in the unexpected—has a way of showing up when it is least expected.

  • Do what you love, love what you do. I know some people don't think this is practical but it is life-affirming. Bonus: the more you do what you love, the more you'll be loving what you do and who knows what great stuff will come of that!

  • Be authentic. That's the love and light part. Don't let anyone talk you out of being you. Don't let their disinterest, disagreement, or disrespect dim your light—EVER! It's your light and your life. Give it everything you've got!

With love and light always, Debbie Jenae

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By the way, I introduced 2 new mug designs and one redesign at the Saturday event. I'll update my site with those products very soon. Whoo-hoo! Here's another random thought: I'm thinking of turning some of my pep talks, especially the ones from the Inspiration Mugs series, into videos, like this one about why you are worthy and this one about imagination and possibility. Enjoy!

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