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So I got my 2nd shot of the COVID vaccine recently. Prior to this, I had heard a little about possible side effects and, well, that got me to thinking. What if one of the side effects was to be less picky, as my client joked about my editing his book? I am a tad on the detailed side. What if the vaccine made me feel more confident, creative, more joyful, and empowered? What if it washed away some worry and frustration accumulated over the last year? What if I just feel good? How about this: what if I'm now interested in learning a new language, or skill, or how to make a better pizza? Maybe you got the vaccine weeks ago. What if there's a timed release benefit that will kick in for you later? I don't think they are tracking this kind of data. I didn't see it on the follow-up questionnaire. Just sayin'. =)

No April fool, just offering another perspective. By the way, I haven't yet noticed a reduction in the picky reserve but I have noticed an uptick in the feel good part. It feels good to do my share. It feels good to know that I am likely more prepared if I do get the virus or a variant. It feels really good to know I've joined with people around the world who are trying to help in this way. And it feels good to know that I can soon gather with other vaccinated people, while still following the guidelines. So, yeah, I'd say the side effects are good so far!

Bonne journée, mon ami! (French! Good day, my friend)

Debbie Jenae

See the good, be the light, be inspired!

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