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Release worry, remember opportunity

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

While we all adjust to the current virus "self-quarantine, shelter-in-place, or social distance" recommendations, we can also remember the opportunities present in any challenge.

But first, drop all the worries.

Worry takes you out of the present moment by throwing all your fears, past and present, out onto the future. While your focus is on the fearful "what if's" of the future, you miss the present moments. 


Stop what you're doing Breathe deeply until you feel calmer Shake your hands, feet, body to release that frantic energy Now ask yourself, what is the loving thing to do Pour your energy into that loving thing Repeat throughout the day and as needed

Now consider this: What if you are actually completely safe, in every respect, in this moment? What could you do with this day, with this time? What if, in some way, it’s a gift? What if it’s a remarkable opportunity to reconnect, redefine, and reimagine?! In that respect, instead of feeling "stuck at home," consider being free to explore.


Get some rest Finish some projects De-clutter Start a project Talk and play with your kids, your partner, your roommates Create moments of mindful awareness Help your family feel safe, cherished, and important  Redefine and reinforce family rules Call a hotline to ease tension and get ideas Reconnect with the moments and activities that make you feel vibrantly alive Discover new or forgotten activities that you and your family can enjoy Remember to reconnect with, redefine, and reimagine what's important to you because, clearly, this is a time to refocus. Why not make it great?!

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