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This award-winning book is a smile for the survivor’s soul! It's an adventure story gently based on the issue of child abuse. Written and illustrated by a survivor and court-appointed advocate, If Roses Were Blue offers a magical and much needed approach to a sensitive issue. A lady of light, a boy named Gus, and a stolen dog add to this tale of courage, trust, and friendship. It’s a safe read that reminds children they are not alone, there is help, and they truly are lovable and worthwhile. Ages 8 and above!


Exceptionally well written and ultimately inspiring... a unique and extraordinary read... should be a part of every community library collection.   – Midwest Book Review 


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If Roses Were Blue book

  • Hardcover, Color. 118 pages. 
    Size 5.5 x 7.25"
    Illustrated by the author.
    Ages 8 and up

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