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Chris, a college student, believes a friend of her young sister is keeping a terrible secret—one that Chris had also kept at that age. With tenderness and insight, she takes the reader back several years to a decision that marked the beginning of a series of rescues, including her own! 

If Roses Were Blue is a delightful tale of courage, trust, and friendship that is sure to inspire children everywhere and empower the child in all of us.

Includes a More from the Author section with notes about the story, the topic, and helpful resources!

Book Details:

Ages 8 -14 (and up)

160 pages

5x7 hardcover, Color

Publisher: Inspired 101, First edition October 2017

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0988987913

ISBN-13: 978-0-9889879-1-3

Product dimensions: 7.25 x 5.375 x 0.625 in.

Shipping weight: 11.44 ounces​

Price:  $15.95

Why this story?

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" A thoughtful read by all ages... Your voice and message are beautifully written."

- Randy Dunn, Childhelp

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Donate If Roses Were Blue to a friend, family, organization, library, school... you get the idea. You can designate or I can choose on your behalf. Contact me for single, multiple, or bulk purchase donations.

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What they're saying...

"Deftly written and illustrated by Debbie Jenae, "If Roses Were Blue" is not about identification and prevention. The focus is on reminding the individual of their value and potential while providing an opportunity to understand and begin to move forward. It's a story that touches the child in all of us while it teaches and inspires in a way that's safe and can be understood. Of special note is the inclusion of the 'More From The Author' section about the book, topic, and additional resources. Exceptionally well written and ultimately inspiring, "If Roses Were Blue" is a unique and extraordinary read. Simply stated, especially in this new era of sexual harassment awareness, "If Roses Were Blue" should be a part of every community library collection, and the personal reading lists of anyone who has ever been subjected to sexual assault." - Midwest Book Review 

"beautifully written... I hope everyone reads it, I'm glad I did. " - Mary, parent

"wonderful and compelling adventure story..." - Marilyn, social worker

"hopeful, healing message...sensitive and engaging book. I hope community leaders, educators, and leaders of youth organizations will access this marvelous resource." - Frank, nonprofit director

"Thank you for the lovely book! I enjoyed reading it..." 

Mercedes, age 9

"I love this story! I wish I had found a book like this when I was being abused. It would have given me hope and I wouldn't have felt so alone. I might have even dared to believe that I was worthy of love and caring after all. Thank you! It's exactly what I felt then and needed to hear, even now.- adult survivor

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