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A Great Flash of Light is a new book by Frank C. Bognar, subtitled “One American’s Journey Across the Nuclear Age.“ But this book is much more than a historical reflection. As also noted on the cover, it’s “A Memoir illuminating a Path to World Peace.”


The book begins on July 16, 1945, the day the United States detonated the first atomic bomb, six months before the author was born. Bognar’s description is stark, detailed, and haunting. It definitely sets a tone—until you turn the page.  

The early chapters are filled witha young boy’s awakening view of a dangerous world within the one he cherishes. Heartwarming moments and laugh-out-loud antics are sprinkled throughout— from working on the farm, to book reports, to band practice.

But Bognar also notes the “drop and cover” bomb drills, brothers going off to war, and his admiration for a war hero named John Kennedy. 

Edited by Debbie Jenae



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319 pages

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He later devotes three chapters to Kennedy’s emotional struggle during the Cuban Missile Crisis with details unknown at the time—a reminder of how danger-ously close we came to nuclear destruction.


A Great Flash of Light is an insightful read on how the nuclear age began, how the race to acquire nuclear weapons evolved, and what we can do to change the notion that they keep us safe. A heavy topic made easier by Bognar’s style of alternating between the lessons of historical events, and the heart and humor of a lifetime he treasures.

Ultimately, A Great Flash of Light is a uniquely written call to action. We have the power to stop the violence and the mindset that leads to war. Bognar affirms that “with faith in one another and in our common humanity,” world peace will be achieved if we choose to make it so.

- Debbie Jenae

On working with Debbie 


An excerpt from the full testimonial: "...For any author burning with a desire to bring a compelling idea to better our world, may I recommend  this brilliant and gifted editor. She knows how to help author’s tell their stories, not hers. She has the gift of bringing to life the story that lies within the author’s mind, heart and soul."

– Frank C. Bognar, Author

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