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A copy editing testimonial 

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Edited by Debbie Jenae



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"I am pleased to introduce Debbie Jenae: author, handwriting analyst, and editor par excellence. I first met Debbie when she first authored her first book, If Roses Were Blue. I was impressed by the quality of her writing and her creative telling of a story that helps inspire victims suffering from childhood trauma.


I chose Ms. Jenae as an editor because I had observed her work first hand: total devotion to the project from start to finish. She pays meticulous attention to detail and is unafraid to ask questions that can improve the reader’s historical understanding of the story being told. We worked over the course of a year, meeting via zoom two and three times per week. We dialogued about the flow of a phrase, a sentence or sequence of chapters. We grappled with the maddening organization of footnotes, the placement of photos and the choice and size of the book’s font. Time and time again she went the extra mile with in-depth research and helpful recommendations addressing content and style. Through it all, she was pleasant, helpful, well organized – and funny. I enjoyed working with her immensely. And in the end, my book turned out exactly the way I had wanted! And I am thrilled!


She chooses to work only with authors who have a positive message to make the world a better, kinder, gentler place.  


For any author burning with a desire to bring a compelling idea to better our world, may I recommend  this brilliant and gifted editor. She knows how to help author’s tell their stories, not hers. She has the gift of bringing to life the story that lies within the author’s mind, heart and soul."


– Frank C. Bognar, Author

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