About Inspired 101

It started with the belief that everyone wants to stop child abuse but most people don’t know where to start. It continued with the list – 

101 Things You Can Do To Prevent Child Abuse. It’s become a place to encourage, inform, and inspire through books, videos, a newsletter, articles, events, and more! 


To stop child abuse, envision a world without it – where people are appreciated, cherished, encouraged, and supported; a world that recognizes the worth of its inhabitants in equality and perfection. In that light, there’s a lot we can do – at least 101 things!


Inspired 101 is a resource for positive action, advocacy, and healing. Our goal is to promote understanding of human behavior and potential, increase awareness of ever-present goodness, encourage optimism, and inspire action for a more loving world. Whether it's to embrace you in recovery, to support you in helping those who are ready, or in being a positive example for others to follow—we invite you to step up, stand tall, and Be An Inspiration!