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In 2002, I created a website with the sole (soul) purpose of sharing the

positive and engaging perspective of this List because, to stop child abuse, we need to foster an environment where it cannot thrive. In that light, there are at least 101 Things we can do. 

This section and links are dedicated to that purpose.Debbie

About The List of 101 Things

  •  The inspiration

The List of 101 Things

  •  101 Things (in 2 columns)

   101 Things ( in 1 column scroll)

  •  101 Things by Category

  •  If you or someone you know needs help

  •  Some things to do with your children

  •  Taking care of yourself

  •  In your community

  •  Habits worth keeping

  •  Things to think about

Quotes to inspire



  •  Be An Inspiration!, book based on 101 Things

  •  Posters of the list of 101 Things

  •  Free printable List in English & Spanish



Thanks for visiting and for all you do!

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