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Ages 8 -14 (and up)

160 pages, Color

5x7  hardcover

Includes a More from the Author section

with information about the story, the topic, and resources!

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From the Author

"I wrote If Roses Were Blue to encourage survivors—to let them know they are not alone and there is help. But most of all, to help them realize their value. If Roses Were Blue is ultimately a survivor-to-survivor story. Child abuse thrives in secrecy. Healing thrives in remembering our value and potential, finding our voice, and feeling free to be authentic. The original version was written nearly 25 years ago. It's been quite a journey getting it to you... but that's another story."    

- Debbie Jenae


Many incidents of child sexual abuse are never reported to authorities. It is a crime of staggering and complex proportions that is often ignored or simply not believed. Debbie believes that, at some point, victims must understand that the abuse was not their fault, that they are lovable and worthy, and that there are so many people who want to help. If Roses Were Blue addresses this issue in an insightful, entertaining, and non-threatening way.

Book Outline

Chris, a college student, has decided to tell her story to a small group of children, but especially to reach one child whom she suspects is being abused. Gently Chris takes the reader back to her eleventh year and the day she decided to get away from her abusive home. She runs to the only place she feels safe - the woods. That evening she meets a lady of light who offers Chris understanding, compassion and a new perspective. Soon she meets Gus, a young boy from a different background but experiencing the same feelings, who becomes her partner in adventure. Their friendship grows as they become involved in the rescue of a stolen dog (rescuing him twice!) and the thieves’ capture. Through this friendship, their sense of trust and love is encouraged rather than lost to circumstances beyond their control. At the end of the story, the children pose questions to the adult Chris, very likely the same questions readers would ask, such as: What happened to Gus, what about the dog, and more sensitive questions about what happened to Chris and how she felt about her choices and experiences. A More from the author section offers additional thoughts about the characters, places, and illustrations in the book, as well as helpful resources for children and adults. 

About Debbie Jenae

I am a survivor of child sexual abuse.  Back then I had no one to tell. This story is my way of helping other children who are currently in or have been exposed to an abusive situation. It’s a story that touches the child in all of us while it teaches important concepts that survivors must understand to move forward and it inspires in a way that is safe to read from cover to cover. Most importantly, it tells a story of courage and trust based on an issue that thrives on secrecy. 


As a court appointed advocate for 7 years in the state of Hawaii, I represented abused and neglected children in judicial proceedings and was recognized by the Governor’s office for my commitment. So many children and adults are affected by child abuse. Many victims never tell. The need to reach out to them continues. 

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