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Handwriting & Your New Year Goals

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

January 23rd is National Handwriting Day in celebration of the importance of handwriting.

Achievement traits shown in handwriting

The new year celebration brings a welcome sense of excited anticipation at the opportunities about to unfold. We get a fresh set of months filled with days, hours, minutes and special occasions to experience as new. Sometimes this fresh start includes a plan to do things a little differently, a little more special. Oh, the possibilities!

New Year's resolutions often involve more long-term goals. We center our attention on some aspect of our lives that we wish to change for the years ahead. (See image at left for five achievement related traits.) It might be a desire to be more kind to others or to complete a project. Perhaps our resolve is aimed at quitting a harmful habit, or simply allowing ourselves more time to appreciate the wonders around us.

Whatever your choice of focus this year, prepare for success by setting reasonable goals and reward yourself for the progress you make along the way. Change takes courage, time, and determination: courage to release the old and welcome the new, time to learn a new behavior, and a dedicated spirit that keeps your goal clearly in view. There may be some stumbling and distractions along the way but the bruises and side-trips may enhance our journey in ways we never expected. Certainly they provide lessons and stories that entertain or inspire for years to come.

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