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Women's Voices

Women, stereotypically, are known for compassion, patience, and fairness, and for considering the greater good. And it has always been that women saw conversation as process, tears as strength in understanding, and children as a gift. Women need to remember who they are and how far they have come, both on a personal and historical level. Women need to ignore the pettiness, and competitiveness that is being thrust on them by narrow thinkers filled with fear. Women need to treat other women with respect and compassion because when you honor and appreciate another, no matter their station or difficulty, you uplift and empower. Women need to remember their value, share their perspective, and believe in their potential. These are some of the qualities of feminine energy (in both male and female) and it is this energy that needs to rise now. Find your voice. Use your words, your talent, and intention in a spirit of equality, compassion, and freedom.

Let these images

encourage you regardless of your cause or your task.

These symbolic women stand around the world.

Isn't it time that we stand with them?

Lady Justice. Frankfurt, Germany

Image source: Pixabay

Justice is often represented by the feminine. Statues vary in design but can be found worldwide. Wikipedia has a selection from Japan, Switzerland, Brazil, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Hungary, Australia, Belgium, Iran

A gift of friendship from France, this statue stands in New York Harbor, United States.

Image source: Pixabay

She stands atop the dome of the U.S. Capitol building in Washington D.C. United States

Image source:

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