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You Can Roar if You Want To

2022, in the Chinese lunar calendar, is the year of the Water Tiger. That year begins this month. What better time to share a little Tiger 'magic' with you! This is one of the ten pep talks included in my booklet, Your Light, Your Life!, where I share some insight into the message of Tiger.

Remembering Your Magnificence

You are magnificent. It’s true! You were born with this awareness, this unlimited joy of being, this bursting, buzzing potential of aliveness.

Did you forget? Too many challenges and disappointments can do that and may have created a belief that any pain, harm, or injustice you endured is a burden you have to carry for the rest of your life. But what if you looked at it differently? What if your history provided the training, foundation, and best perspective for your love and light to manifest?

Your magnificence is simply who and what you are beyond all the random stuff of this life. The what is that loving energy that is and moves through all things seen and unseen. It is the constant that guides, supports, and encourages. The who is that same energy enhanced by your experience, perception, and perspective. It is your best expression that you bring to this life, regardless of form.

Your magnificence is always there waiting to be rediscovered, accepted, and expressed. That love, that worthiness, untouched by measure or comparison, is who you are and why your existence matters. The proof is in your longing for a connection you cannot name and in those moments of bliss you cannot describe. It’s in your wishes and your dreams. It brings a sparkle to your eyes and a soft smile to your face as you wonder about the possibilities and the brightness in your future. Your magnificence is that light of pure loving energy that radiates freely from you when you allow it.

Tiger is a reminder of our magnificence. She does not question her stripes, her form, or her abilities. Tiger is simply magnificent in being the very best tiger she can be.

Sit with this awhile. Let it resonate. Let it vibrate in every cell. Feel it shimmer and shine from a place you can only imagine and let it awaken in you your purpose, your being, your expression of an extraordinary self in love and light. And, as you turn your gaze outward, remember that this source is in every thing, every where, and all the time.

* * *

About the pic: In 2019, we went to the LA Zoo and I took my big camera. When we approached the tiger enclosure, there was a crowd of onlookers at the fence. This tiger, pictured above, was sitting on a 5' stump calmly, perhaps curiously, staring back at the crowd. I managed to get a little closer and took lots of pics. This shot was taken when the tiger turned her head to her right and gazed upwards for a few moments into the sunlight that beamed through the trees and onto her face. Lucky me to be there at that moment and get such a memorable shot. Whenever I see a tiger, I'm reminded not only of its ability to hunt and protect, but of its gentleness and magnificent spirit.

FYI: After more than a century of declining numbers of tigers, there is good news. Several countries committed 12 years to doubling wild tiger populations by this year—The Year of the Tiger. Read more on the World Wildlife Fund's website about the accomplishments from their focus and cooperation in this Feb 1, 2022 article, "Restoring Asia's roar: 12 ways tigers made a comeback in 12 years."

Remember, it's your voice. ROAR if you want to!

In love and light,

Debbie Jenae

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The Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, has more than 4,000 years of history. Read more about it's 15 day celebrations here:

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