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More about Handwriting

Exercise for the Brain

Learning to write by hand involves much more than memory and muscle movement. It begins with a thought of putting pen to paper. Your brain then sends instructions through nerve impulses down your arm to your fingers where you begin to form letters that join to form words. Meanwhile, your mind is rapidly selecting...

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Importance of learning to write by hand

Handwriting is a basic communication skill that can be expressed any time, any where. All you need is a surface and an instrument to make a mark on that surface. Just as fast food restaurants have not stopped us from the joy of preparing fresh meals...

Intervention – When Issues Arise

When issues arise, insight can be found in handwriting.

Life Lines

They call it brainwriting, but
I call them life lines because they can reveal so much about your life experience. To an analyst, the way you turn a pencil, the pressure you place on the pen...

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