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If Roses Were Blue

"‘A sensitive and well-written look at sexual abuse. A RED RIBBON WINNER and highly recommended.

- The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

"Sensitively written and very appropriate in a world that is waking up to sexual abuse. Excellent job." 

Parent of twins aged 9

Wishing Shelf Book Awards reviewer 


"Exceptionally well written and ultimately inspiring, "If Roses Were Blue" is a unique and extraordinary read. Simply stated, especially in this new era of sexual harassment awareness, "If Roses Were Blue" should be a part of every community library collection, and the personal reading lists of anyone who has ever been subjected to sexual assault."

- Midwest Book Review

"Thank you for the lovely book! I enjoyed reading it. I like your drawings! "

- Mercedes, age 9

"The book is wonderful.  I wish there were some way to get it in the hands of every child or adult who was ever abused. Thank you for writing it."

- Sue

"If Roses Were Blue teaches those of us that find ourselves in abusive situations that there is help waiting for us when we tell someone we trust about what is happening."

- Anna, age 20

"A beautifully written story, with sensitivity toward the subject of abuse. It offers encouragement for victims to come forward and seek help and it also gives awareness to others who have never experienced abuse. I remember hearing once: 'Be kind to everyone you meet because you don't know what battles they may be fighting' and this book helped me to be more aware of that. I hope everyone reads it, I'm glad I did."

- Mary Hefling Hicks, parent & grandparent

"This book has been written with much thought and loving care. Debbie is extremely insightful."

- Mama Mona

"This story suggests that a victim need not be alone. Imagine the hope that can bring a child." - child advocate

"Beautifully written!" - parent

"A wonderful and compelling adventure story with the issue of child abuse artfully woven in. Surely to be enjoyed by adults and children alike." - Marilyn, social worker

"As the mother of two and the grandmother of four, it is my hope that a book like this will guide young people in their understanding and struggle with such a "taboo" topic. I applaud Debbie Jenae's sensitivity in writing this book and her crusade to make this an issue worth discussing with children."  - Beth, parent, grandparent

"The points generated in this story are simple and correct:

  • It is ok for a child victim to come forward and talk about what is happening to them;

  • It is not their fault;

  • Emotional neglect can hurt just as much as physical abuse;

  • A child victim can become a successful adult survivor."          - director, child abuse prevention organization



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