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Best Day Ever!

Sometimes we get stuck in a pattern of thinking based on the disappointments of the past. What if that habit is creating our future? If we expect just another day of frustration or emptiness, what are the chances that we’ve allowed that expectation to set the criteria for our experience today? Yikes!

What if we shake off the prediction of a repeat, recognize and honor the challenges we’ve overcome, and then declare that this day will be the best ever? Why not? It hasn’t happened yet, so why not put out the most positive vibes we can muster as a beacon for us to follow? It’s a simple switch and one we might have to repeat throughout the day to break some old habits.

Now radiating optimism and confidence we step into this day knowing how great it can possibly be and, lo and behold, we keep noticing things that prove how great this day is. Our trust in how the day unfolds rests in the knowledge that, somehow, it will be in our best interest. Not in an egotistical, all-about-me sense, but in a way that helps us see in a new light, one that helps us be our best self.

That means we view events from a perspective of joy, appreciation, and an awareness of a much deeper connection among all things. When a challenge appears, we see it, not as a test or a punishment, but as an opportunity to clear, to teach, to learn, or to shift in some way. In that light, we have just opened our world for more
best ever moments!


Today is the best day ever!
Everything I do, I do with a loving focus. I remember to stop, breathe deeply, and
reconnect with my loving essence. That energy flows through me and radiates from me with ease and light. I see, hear, feel, and create with trust, confidence, and gratitude.
All is well in my world and it is an absolute joy to be here!

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