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It's Good to be Queen

Imagine standing high on a hill overlooking a patchwork in every shade of green, brown, and gold. Crops lay ready for the harvest, soil freshly turned and planted, and sloping hills of open fields all lie before you under a clear blue sky. Beyond that, the sea. Every time you stand in this place the beauty, abundance, and responsibility fills you with a sense of awe, overflowing.

The breeze caresses your face and draws the cloak back from your shoulders. You hold it loosely around and in front of you, hands at your heart, as you fill with reverence for this magical space and time.

A voice beckons from the carriage behind you, but you are not ready. The well-trained horses stir slightly but will wait for the command.

A deep breath in and a sigh is all you can manage. The view is magnificent and the sheer rightness of it all resonates from within and reaches even beyond your thoughts.

Both exhilarated and humbled, you are awash with an energy that radiates from you. Shifting your focus ever so slightly you feel it rise from the earth, almost sparkling with anticipation of your awareness and your guidance. You cannot help but wonder—who has it touched before and where is it going next to embrace, to awaken?

It is here that you recognize your power beyond duty and honor—an ability, a calling that continues above all, and a feeling that has many words while none do it justice. Yet you stand at the edge of both worlds, mindful of who you are now and who you have always been from somewhere outside and from the beginning.

A voice from behind offers a gentle reminder. “Your majesty.”

With another deep breath, your eyes close softly and briefly, savoring the moment before you continue. Turning your head you respond with a voice that is kind, self-assured, and a bit wistful.

“Thank you but I will ride back from here.”

“As you wish.”

And your horse is made ready.

It was not so long ago that your rule was difficult. Too many challenges and disappointments had made you lose your way. You doubted yourself and blindly bowed to the wishes and demands of others, thinking they must know better. But they knew only what was best for them and saw you as a means to obtain it. Through much trial you began to see that it was your responsibility to rule from your own heart and soul, and to be guided by your second sight to a world that you could see waiting.

It was then that you changed, or more accurately, you returned. No longer would you tolerate disrespect, dishonesty, or a greedy heart because that is not who you are nor is it ever what you deserve.

Somehow, as if the day dawned under a new sun, you understood that to live the life you are intended, you must remain steadfast in truth, integrity, and compassion. Anything less is a disservice, for you have the pleasure of being alive at this time, a duty to be the very best you can be, and an expectation to be treated with the same high regard you bestow on others. Being Queen of your life requires full acceptance of self, service, and the sacred.

The breeze grows stronger bringing you back to this day and time. The horses snort and paw at the ground as if to make it move. They have rested enough. They are ready to run, to carry forward—as are you. For you know with all your heart that the success of your reign in this life depends on your acceptance of the Crown.

Your horse is brought to your side. You share a grateful smile with the eagerness of a child and the knowing of a woman who rides often and well. You swing up onto your steed with robes flying, hair swirling freely, and your spirit soaring.

YES! It is good to be Queen.

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