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Love is...

We use the word a lot. We love food, we love that song, we love that car, we love that movie... It’s a way to express our passion and delight, and that's a good thing. But sometimes love gets confused with pain. There are plenty of lyrics and movies about how love hurts, but, really, it doesn't. Sure it hurts to love someone who doesn't love us back but it's not love that's causing the pain; it's the absence of it. Our resistance—through lack, disconnection, or a belief in how others define love—is what hurts.

Love is pure, uncluttered, and limitless. Love is our essence. It resides in each and every one of us waiting to be released, shared, expressed, and experienced in its fullness. It nudges and inspires us to be true and, like the air we breathe and the space we inhabit, it connects us to everything.

Love is everywhere, in all ways, and all the time. It can ease a frantic pace into a gentle rhythm of appreciation or direct it with passion and possibility. It arrives in a wave of joy or in the silence of curiosity and understanding. It is an energy that is magical in its grace, intention, and abundance.

Love is patient, kind, encouraging, nurturing, and healing. It can take your breath away, put you at a loss for words, completely surprise you, and slowly inner-whelm you. When all is said and done...

love is all there is, all you are, and all that matters.

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