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Magic happens!

Magic, as in the absolute delight in the unexpected, or when the elements of a situation combine in a perfectly wonderful way.

Magic enters the impossible, the misunderstood, the underestimated, the overlooked, the most resistant, hopeless, unexpected, and unknown. It can come out of nowhere and everywhere, but you have to believe in the possibility.

Magic arrives in a thought, an idea, or a new perspective, when suddenly everything becomes clear. It can be just around the corner, under your feet, in the middle of the night, and in broad daylight. It comes when you’re not looking because it cannot be found. You have to be open to it.

Listen to those nagging thoughts trying to guide you to its presence. Take the unexpected turn. Follow the impulse that makes no sense. Do something different! Dare to express your heartfelt emotions. Speak your truth. Tune in, be more aware, and believe in the magic because, with or without you, it is happening all the time. Look back with soft eyes. You may notice a sparkling trail to remind you that it was always there just waiting for you to see.

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